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Life of Pi Q/A

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1. Piscine Molitor Patel is named after
(A) a famous Indian government official
(B) a scientific instrument
(C) a swimming pool
(D) a close family relative

2. Pi’s father runs the
(A) Pondicherry drug store
(B) Pondicherry Zoo
(C) Pondicherry Circus
(D) Pondicherry veterinary clinic

3. Pi’s father teaches him and his brother, Ravi, a lesson about wild animals by
(A) feeding a wild goat to a tiger
(B) playing a video tape of a lion circus stunt gone wrong
(C) throwing fish into a shark tank
(D) showing them a scar he received from a hyena

4. Which of the following religions does Pi not practice?
(A) Islam
(B) Christianity
(C) Buddhism
(D) Hindu

5. Pi has a special affinity for his
(A) yarmulke
(B) prayer mat
(C) Bible
(D) prayer beads

6. The Tsimtsum is
(A) a ship
(B) a religious text
(C) a type of wild animal
(D) None of the above

7. When they set sail, Pi’s family is headed to
(A) Mexico
(B) England
(C) the United States
(D) Canada

8. Pi’s family leaves India in
(A) 1967
(B) 1977
(C) 1987
(D) 1997

9. Pi describes the sound of the ship sinking as
(A) a metallic burp
(B) a thundering sigh
(C) a shuddering moan
(D) a piercing cry

10. Crew members throw Pi into a lifeboat because
(A) they are simply following protocol
(B) they want to get him out of harm’s way
(C) his family is already in the lifeboat
(D) they are trying to lure out a hyena that’s hiding there

11. Pi shares the lifeboat with all of the following except
(A) a zebra
(B) an orangutan
(C) an agouti
(D) a hyena

12. Richard Parker is
(A) a house pet
(B) a tiger
(C) Pi’s uncle
(D) the ship’s captain

13. Pi sees an orangutan named Orange Juice floating on a raft made of
(A) oars
(B) wood planks
(C) bananas
(D) oranges

14. The zebra sustained which of the following injuries jumping into the lifeboat?
(A) A chipped hoof
(B) A torn ear
(C) A broken leg
(D) A gash in its side

15. In the lifeboat’s locker, Pi discovers cans full of
(A) water
(B) soup
(C) soda
(D) beans

16. To keep himself at a safe distance from Richard Parker, Pi
(A) swims alongside the boat
(B) builds a raft and tethers it to the boat
(C) constructs a wall from wooden planks
(D) hangs off the side of the boat

17. The hyena meets its end when
(A) a wave washes it overboard
(B) it succumbs to dehydration
(C) a shark catches it
(D) Richard Parker kills and eats it

18. Prusten is the sound tigers make to express
(A) friendliness
(B) nausea
(C) hunger
(D) anger

19. Which becomes Pi’s most valuable tool in training Richard Parker?
(A) A whip
(B) A whistle
(C) An oar
(D) A megaphone

20. The first time Pi kills a fish for food, he
(A) rejoices
(B) throws it back
(C) cries
(D) sings

21. One day the lifeboat is almost hit by a
(A) tanker
(B) dolphin
(C) submarine
(D) whale

22. Pi decides to leave the strange floating island because
(A) he worries no one will ever find him there
(B) wild beasts inhabit it
(C) there is nothing for him to eat
(D) the vegetation is man eating

23. The fellow castaway Pi meets while suffering from temporary blindness
(A) is eaten by Richard Parker
(B) drowns while trying to climb into Pi’s lifeboat
(C) dies from starvation and dehydration
(D) tries to swim away and is eaten by a shark

24. Pi’s raft washes ashore near the small town of Tomatlán in
(A) Peru
(B) Mexico
(C) Chile
(D) Argentina

25. After his rescue, Pi is interviewed by two officials from the
(A) Japanese Ministry of Transport
(B) Japanese Department of Police
(C) Japanese Shipping Association
(D) Japanese Zoological Society




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